At Lighthouse Technologies we all come together to build a human-centered culture where everyone can contribute their best work and bring their whole self.


Supporting Employee Growth and development through pandemic

Many organizations recognize that employee growth and development will be crucial in 2021. During the pandemic we prioritized job security as an important step in protecting the interests of our employees, but also working from home ensures that they continue their activities and responsibilities while at the same time, at the office we created more space to comply with social distancing protocols.


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Nurture lasting relationships

The first mile of health is built on a basic human need: to relate with each other. As a species, humans rely on each other to survive and thrive. In today’s world it’s critical that our digital relationships foster mutual care and support.


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What is Branding?

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organization. Brand is not what you say it is—it’s what they say it is, and marketing is the all-encompassing strategy of communication and promotion a company.
3 minutes crash course
Release October 2021
Mariana Palet
Branding Strategies
México City, México