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Pac-Man 40th Anniversary

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Lighthouse News | 0 comments

It’s been 40 years since the beloved PAC-MAN game was introduced to the world.
Let’s take a look back on PAC-MAN’s history.

When Toru Iwatani hungrily stared into his pizza box, containing 2 slices short of a full pie, the idea for one of the greatest arcade games was born.

PAC-MAN characters

PAC-MAN is the player’s character and the protagonist of the game. His goal is to eat all of the pellets on each board, avoid being caught by his counterparts, munch on fruit, and power up to defeat his enemies. His controls are based on the users movements. Left, Right, Up and Down.

BLINKY begins each level moving at the same speed as all of the other ghosts, but after you’ve eaten a certain number of dots, he begins to speed up.

PINKY / SPEEDY seems to have a tendency to go around blocks in an anticlockwise direction. Pinky, Inky and Clyde always move at the same speed.

INKY / BASHFUL is dangerous because he’s unpredictable. One theory is that Inky’s behaviour depends on his proximity to Blinky almost as if he is too afraid to act on his own.

CLYDE / POKEY Clyde is either short-sighted or stupid. He will often turn off rather than approach you. His heart doesn’t seem to be in it at all.