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Struggling with designer communication at work? Follow this simple rules

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Teamwork

Hi, my name is Rafael Perez, and I’m going to share with you some very useful information that will help you to improve your communication at work.

We all know that nowadays, companies are composed of multi-disciplinary teams, and this is awesome, but sometimes, this can bring some drawbacks. If teammates that work closely speak different languages, e.g. programming vs design, communication can turn tricky and the work can get slower.

And why does it matter?

Well, when designers expose the UIs designs to programmers, they do it by using the language and words they know. If we as programmers don’t understand that language, the implementation of the UI design will be limited by that ignorance. This may result in our code not working as it should, or the UI does not match with the design. In addition, there are situations, when developers need to explain to the designer, that a specific behavior is not feasible to be done in code, and sometimes we try to explain this by using programming and tech terminology, that can confuse our designer and the work can get affected.

So, what can we do to solve these kind of situations?

Well, this is why having a background knowledge of design principles becomes relevant. I’m not saying that we need to start a full degree in graphic and UI design, but getting involved with this is enough to have more productive and faster agreements. Knowing some design principles such as alignment, hierarchy, balance, symmetry, contrast, and typography, can make a real difference, and in addition to that, it will raise our value as professionals. Think about it, everybody wants to work with someone who is easy to speak with. If the work gets done better and faster when you are involved, people will notice, and they will appreciate it.

But, what to do when we need to explain something to the designer by using programming terminology? The answer is simple: Just DON’T. 

Try to use simple words that anyone can understand. Not everyone has the same level of technical knowledge, and people want to work with someone they can have good communication with. The easier you make things for your teammates, the faster you will progress through your projects.

So, if you consider you have bad communication with designers, this is the right moment to learn design principles, follow these tips, and communication in your work will surely improve. 

This was Rafael Perez from Lighthouse Technologies headquarters. 

See you in another story.