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Supporting Employee Growth and development through pandemic

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Work-life-balance

Many organizations recognize that employee growth and development will be crucial in 2021. During the pandemic we prioritized job security as an important step in protecting the interests of our employees, but also working from home ensures that they continue their activities and responsibilities while at the same time, at the office we created more space to comply with social distancing protocols.

In order to measure our hybrid working model, we ask our team members how remote work improves their productivity and health.

“Thanks to remote work, I avoid wasting two hours a day in the traffic, which allows me to use that time for other activities, such as doing my daily exercise routine, eating better, reading non-fiction books, and sometimes dedicating extra hours in current projects when necessary. Likewise, I avoid the distractions that may be in the office and I work more comfortably with the setup I have at home ”.

Another employee put it this way:

“I don’t have a car so I use Uber to go to the office, but now the waiting time to request a car is very long due to the pandemic, even though I use the company’s account. Also I need to adjust my transportation budget when fees are high, so being at home some days helps me to save some money”.

We also heard the following:

“In my case I need to coordinate the development of the projects with the rest of the team members, working remotely makes my work a bit difficult because it is easier to be able to explain and make things understand if they are spoken live and to be able to rely on visual material to the time it is explained. Although there are many digital tools to facilitate remote communication, personally I feel that with direct interaction it is easier to achieve a better understanding of the problems to be solved “

“50/50 There are problems that can be better solved physically speaking, however the convenience of working remotely brings me more time to grow creativity.”

“I lived for a long time away from my family and now switching to home-office I can be more present, I can help my kids with homework while my wife works online too ”.

Flexible working is about more than allowing your people to work from home — it’s about fostering an environment where autonomy and mutual trust can thrive. Now, more than ever, to better understand our teamwork, we keep the door open and make sure people are comfortable asking questions and expressing their professional opinions.

I think the future of work is about supporting our people wherever they are — the office, at home, and beyond — we also want our employees to become more active participants in improving their work-life, learning and growing from home. At the end of the day technology is what keeps us working together implementing new ways to be more productive. Our next move would be growing our teamwork to overcome the challenges we face now with our clients, so we are open to hire people not only from Mérida.