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Tips to improve your english

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Lighthouse News | 0 comments

Study smarter not harder, learning is a set of methods, a process that can certainly be easier when you know how to learn.

  1. Watch TV Shows and Movies

Watching them without subtitles helped develop my listening skills. I started recognizing words a lot more, learned how to pronounce them better, and discovered new ways to use vocabulary in different situations. The important thing is not to give up as you will get used to the language over time.

2. Pickout key words on Podcasts and Movies

An exercise I found very helpful for developing my listening and vocabulary was writing down all the words I could understand while listening to music or podcasts. The more I heard familiar words, the more I was able to understand the sentences. Sometimes you’ll only get it, but this exercise is a handy trick for getting your brain used to the new idioms and common English phrases.

3. Read Books and Blogs in English

I always enjoyed reading about travel and fashion on the web, so I started reading in English. Read one a day in a magazine, newspaper, or even a blog. Try to read at least a book a month as this will help you get in touch with the language on a daily basis. You will improve your reading and writing skills and increase your vocabulary and don’t miss Conversation Club Sessions.
It’s amazing how far you can get  when studying a bit every day.