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What do UX writers actually do?

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Lighthouse News | 0 comments

Think about the last time you used an app, website or other digital product. Were you able to accomplish your task? How easy was it? How did it make you feel? For every happy customer there is a talented UX Writer.

UX writing is the art of crafting texts that appear in the interface of digital products to guide the user in an intuitive manner.

UX writers might find the words for menus, definitions, buttons, labels, chatbots, and error messages, or the instructions to guide first-time users through a product, this is called Microcopy.

What they do:

  • Work closely with designers and developers
  • Research the user’s way of speaking
  • Understand the product’s tone of voice
  • Test multiple ideas to find the best fit
  • Write awesome copy!

Skills you’ll need:


Knowing grammar, spelling, and an in-depth understanding of tone and shades of meaning are essential, UX writing should be concise and clear.


User testing, A/B testing, and card sorting are some of the research techniques UX writers can use to make sure a product works as intended.

Digital design programs

Programs like Figma and Sketch may have free trial periods that will allow you to acquaint yourself with them.