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Why is React the best option to start in FE development?

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Technology

You will often hear developers talking about frameworks and libraries like Angular or React. These two are commonly used in most companies and I might say one is better than another and maybe this can be important to consider if you want to start learning some of these frameworks in FE.

First of all, you need to know the fundamentals knowledge about JS (javascript) to start learning a new technology (library or framework), you can take the big step without the basic knowledge but that will be a trouble, I really recommend to study at least these concepts:

  • Local Storage because we need to save our credentials or any important data
  • Events and DOM for control page elements like animations
  • Ecmascript 6+ included new methods and these are very useful for our performance
  • Http Requests to communicate with our BE services
  • And we need to know styles, flexbox and grid to create amazing webapps

So, if you already got these concepts, the next step is start learning React.I think its a great choice if you want to be a FE

The trend indicates the popularity in React for jobs is high for example in USA, you can check in google trends:


but that is not all. React is the most loved and used by professional developers, its easy to use and also if you have a background you can move develop mobile applications with React Native. We need to consider the community, documentation and tutorials to learn. This is not a problem, there is a lot of stuff to read and a great community.

Imagine some websites made with React, well the list is large but I will mention some sites: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Paypal and more. The learning curve is not difficult if you already have the basic knowledge, just need to start prácticing and you will get a high-paying salary.

I want to recommend some tutorials to start with, you can check at Udemy with Fernando Herrera, Juan Pablo de la Torre and free youtube tutorials at Fazt.

Do you think React is the best option to start?