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Windows 11: It’s getting faster and stronger

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Technology

As you probably have seen in your pc notifications, a new version of the operating system by Microsoft is coming by the end of the year. Promising a faster and safer environment in comparison to Windows 10, but also refreshing the looks and user interfaces of the software.

A main objective from the Seattle based company is to upgrade Windows’s security and by doing so they are trying to make it more attractive for users of other operating systems like MacOS from Apple or Linux distributions that have been gaining more and more mainstream popularity as of lately.

The Windows team is more than justified to try to integrate stronger security measures in their systems. There have been increasingly cases of hacking every year, like for example the IT company Kaseya which was requested 70 million dollars in ransom for the decryption of their files, and with Windows recently found that 83 percent of businesses have experienced some kind of attack on their firmwares.

One of the actions they are taking is stepping up the minimum hardware requirements of computers to run the new system, even requiring components like motherboards embedded with encryption and authentication technology, claiming that they can reduce malware up to 60 percent, with the caveat that this components are relatively new to the PC ecosystem so it means that many computers from before twenty fourteen may not have the capability to install Windows 11.

The upgrade of minimum hardware requirements also aligns with the objective of making a faster operating system, this approach will allow  manufacturers to focus on making new and better Windows drivers for the latest components claiming that doing so will improve reliability up to 99 percent, so theoretically Windows 11 will be experiencing almost no system crashes.

Upgrading our PCs to Windows 11 will bring us  many benefits but as with any new technology and according to the members of the insider program this new system at this point of time is still in an unpolished state and rough around the edges so it is considered still too early to jump into the  latest version of windows yet, but in the near future when it comes out it will probably one of the most secure and fastest windows ever so we will be waiting with high expectations.

Will you update your Windows machines when it comes out or will you stay with Windows 10? And what’s your opinion on these changes?